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All the benefits of owning a bike, with none of the hassle.

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A Bleeper You Keep

Your very own e-bike, charger & lock which are all yours, all the time.

Pay Per Week

A weekly subscription fee,
which you can cancel at any time.


Regular servicing & repairs are
included in your subscription fee.

How to order your Bleeper Subscription

1. Select

Choose the e-mobility solution
which suits your needs.

2. Collect

Come to our depot and pick up your personal e-vehicle.

3. Go

Get on the road immediately,
with the reassurance of
Bleeper’s swap & repair service.

Get on the road starting from €35 per week

Choose the e-mobility vehicle which suits your needs, decide which subscription plan will work best for you, and then sign up.


Reap the benefits of Bleeper Subscriptions

Increase your range

E-bikes make light work of hills and headwinds, making longer trips by bicycle more accessible to more people.

No hefty upfront costs

E-bikes are expensive to buy, so Bleeper’s subscription service offers an affordable alternative to purchasing an e-bike.

Climate-friendly transport

With transport accounting for 20% of Ireland’s greenhouse gas emissions, cycling is a great way to reduce your climate footprint.


Frequently asked questions

Check most frequently asked questions here. If you still need help, then contact us directly at

How do I order my eBike?

You order your eBike through our store, When you have completed your purchase order, your subscription will automatically be paused until you have collected your bike. We will contact you to let you know when your bike is ready for collection. Bike pickups take place from our workshop in Merchants Quay, D08 K3KD.

What about wear and tear?

Scratches and the odd bent spoke are an acceptable level of wear and tear and you will not be charged. If it is an unacceptable level of damage we will assess it and give you a quote to repair or replace the damaged parts.

When does my subscription start?

Your subscription will automatically be paused until you have collected your bike.    

What is the cancellation period?

You can cancel your subscription at any time, subject to a 7-day notice period.

Is it possible to install a child's seat on my eBike?


How do I charge my electric bike?

There is an input on the right side of the battery where you can connect the charger. You can charge the battery when it is placed in the eBike or you can slide it out of the frame and charge it inside your house.

How many kilometres can I ride with a fully charged battery?

The range of your Bleeper eBike depends on several variable factors such as the total weight being carried (including the rider), the power setting being used (Eco Mode vs Turbo Mode), the terrain (especially hills) and weather factors such as temperature and wind. Because of all these variables, it isn’t possible to give a definitive range for an eBike in terms of kilometres, but we can provide estimates for the low and high ends of the range of each bike.

The battery on the Bleeper eCity 1 has a 450Wh capacity, which roughly translates to a range of 40-100km on a full charge.

The Bleeper eFolding 1 has a 270Wh battery, with an approximate range of 25-60km on a full charge.

The Bleeper eCargo 1 has a larger 522Wh battery, but because this is a heavier bike than the eCity 1 it has a similar range of 40-100km on a full charge.  

The Bleeper eRider has a 655Wh battery with an approximate range of 80-120km.

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