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Joining a Scheme

All My Private Schemes are accessed through the main menu of our new Bleeper app.

Follow the steps 1 – 7 in our display.

When you are granted access to your private scheme, your bikes will become visible to you.

Admin and

All your scheme’s administration is taken care of by our friendly Bleeper customer care team.

All My Private Scheme bikes will be maintained monthly by our expert team of Bleeper roadside mechanics.

Parking Hubs

All My Private Scheme bikes will reside at a designated area onsite called a Parking Hub.

Clients can have multiple Parking Hubs whereby users can return their bikes once finished using them.

This will allow all users on a My Private scheme to have easy and convenient access to a bike when they need it.

Merchant Buildings Parking Hub

The Parking Hub for Merchant Buildings is located on the ground floor of the car park.

Users are advised to leave their bikes securely locked to the bike stand located in the car park at the end of each day. Kindly plug back in the charger after each use.

When parking a bike, please leave the bike at the designated bike stand per the Bleeper App and follow the ‘End Journey’ process.

Contact one of our customer care agents