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Active travel that's good
for you and your city

Ireland's first stationless bike-sharing scheme
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Cycling is great for mental wellbeing

Riding a bike is relaxing. If you’re stressed at work, you can often burn it off by cycling home. Mental health problems are widespread, varied, and complex. However, one of the things that can help is simple: get on a bike.

Commuting by bike is quicker than by car!

The average car speed in the Dublin at peak times is just 9.6 km/h. A moderate cycle can comfortably reach speeds of 18 km/h.

Cycling is really
good for you

Cycling has so many benefits it can be hard to summarise them all. From health benefits to societal benefits there is no mode of transport that is better for you and your city than cycling.

Sustainable urban mobility, all you need
is a smartphone.