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How do I lock a Bleeper?

Bleeper offers public bike rental in Ireland and as such you can only park a Bleeper at public bike racks which are located inside our operating zone.
1. Park the Bleeper next to an approved Bike Rack found on the in-app map.
2. Secure the black chain around the bike stand and place the loop at the end of the chain next to the lock so that the bolt in the lock slides through the chain loop. The lock should beep, letting you know the lock is secure.
3. Tap 'End Trip' in our app.
4. Take a photo to confirm the Bleeper has been parked correctly.

How do I use the chain when cycling?

Once the Bleeper is unlocked, wrap the chain around the base of the saddle post and attach the loop to the hook under the saddle.

I would like to hop into the shop for 5 minutes, should I lock the Bleeper?

You should always lock a Bleeper when you are leaving it unattended as losing the bike will incur a penalty. Use the Pit-Stop mode to ensure that your Bleeper will be waiting for you when you return.

Can I lock a Bleeper at a public cycle parking that is not shown on a map?

You can lock a Bleeper at any Sheffield Bike Rack provided it is on public property and it is located within our Operating Zone. You cannot lock a Bleeper at a DublinBikes docking station.

I cannot find cycle parking, can I leave the bike on the street?

No you may not. We ask that you find the nearest public cycle parking stand to park our bike. There are many cycle parking spots across various locations. Just as we would not park our cars anywhere but only at acceptable car parking, parking a bike anywhere but at an acceptable cycle parking causes an obstruction to other road users. It is inconsiderate and anti-social. We take the illegal parking of our bikes very seriously. You cannot lock a Bleeper at a DublinBikes stand.

What should I do if the public cycle parking at which I would like to park my Bleeper at is full?

If there is room to daisy-chain to another Bleeper please avail of it, if not please find the next nearest public cycle parking stand. Please do not park improperly, it is illegal and inconsiderate to do so. We take the parking very seriously and we ask our users to observe the rules.

Round Trips

If you are taking a round trip it is fine to temporarily park your Bleeper at a non designated bike rack so long as you return the it to a designated bike rack as the final leg of your trip.

I forgot to lock my Bleeper. What should I do?

If you have forgotten to lock your Bleeper , try returning to lock it. If you cannot find your Bleeper, contact us immediately and we will assist in locating it. If the Bleeper cannot be found, you may be liable for a penalty for losing it.

I scanned the lock and it beeped but the Bleeper is still locked, what I do next?

This can happen occasionally when one of the spokes of the rear wheel is in contact with the locking mechanism, press the "End Trip" button, roll the bicycle forward or backward a few millimeters to take the pressure off the spoke, then press the "Start Trip" button again, the lock should now open!

What should I do if I cannot find a Bleeper at the public cycle parking?

Please notify us on our app and find the next nearest available Bleeper.


Why was my payment rejected?

There can be several reasons.
1. You do not have sufficient funds in your debit card or you do not have sufficient credit limit on your credit card.
2. Your bank rejected the transaction.
3. You are using a prepaid card.

Why is the amount refunded less than the amount in my e-wallet

All amounts that were credited by you to your e-wallet will be refunded in full. If there is a difference in amounts in your e-wallet and what you were refunded, it is probably the bonus that was credited to your e-wallet when you topped up, this amount will not be refunded.

I would like to remove my card details

Please send us the mobile number and email address you registered your Bleeper account with and we can remove your card details. Just to let you know, your full bank card details (that someone would need to commit fraud) are held by Adyen and they are completely safe but we will happily action a removal if you do wish to do so.

Do I need my credit or debit card with me to top up my Bleeper Account?

You do not need to have your card physically present to top up your Bleeper account, however you will need to enter your 3 digit CCV to process the new payment. (CCV code is the last 3 digits of the number on the reverse of your card). So if you haven't memorised this number you will need your card to make payment.


Do I have to wear a helmet while using a Bleeper?

Whilst not a legal requirement within Irish law to wear a helmet whilst availing of public bike rental, we recommend our riders wear helmets when using Bleeper.

What are the best tips for Safe Cycling?

1. Ride in the same direction as the traffic.
2. Follow all traffic signals and signs.
3. Yield to pedestrians.
4. Use hand signals when turning.
5. Ride in cycle lanes wherever possible.
6. Do not weave in and out of traffic.
7. Do not ride on walkways.
8. Do not ride a bike while distracted, such as while using a mobile phone or wearing headphones.

What should I do if I crash my Bleeper?

If you are injured and need medical assistance please call 999 immediately.
If you are able, please remove the Bleeper from the roadway and park it safely.

Please report the incident to the police and Bleeper within 24 hours, so a crash report may be filed.

What should I do if my Bleeper is lost or stolen?

If you lose your Bleeper or it is stolen, you must notify us within 24 hours so that a theft report can be filed. Please also report this to the police.
Your debit or credit card may be charged for the cost of recovery or replacement of the Bleeper up to €500.

What should I do if I find an abandoned Bleeper?

Please notify us via our Website or the Bleeper app so we may retrieve it.

I have spotted a Bleeper parked incorrectly, vandalised, or resticted to personal use. What can I do?

If you find a Bleeper parked incorrectly, vandalised, or restricted to personal use, please take a photo of the Bleeper with its surrounding area and upload it to us (using the Contact Us section in the Bleeper App) together with its location including the street name. Please ensure that the Bleeper's number is visible in the photo.

What do I do if I lose a possession or find someone's property on a Bleeper?

Please report this to the police.

How do I turn on the bike's lights?

The lights on the bike are automatic, when you start cycling it should automatically switch on and do not need to be manually switched on or off.

Do I need to inflate the tyres on the bike?

No, Bleeper carries out all maintenance of the bikes.
If you find a bike with a flat tyre then please report this via your app and locate another bike to use.

Private Schemes

What is the Private Scheme?

My Private Scheme was launched to provide bike sharing solutions to corporates, hotels, business parks,residential developments and any other entity that require a private and exclusive fleet of standard and electric bikes.

What types of bikes do you have under the Private Scheme?

We offer standard pedal bikes or electric bikes, or a combination of both.

What is the minimum amount of bikes and minimum rental time?

Minimum of 5 bikes on a 12 month contract.

What services does the Private Scheme include?

My Private Scheme offers monthly maintenance, public liability insurance, quarterly reports, dedicated customer service and access to Bleeper’s public bikes.

Do Private Scheme member have access to Bleeper’s public bikes?

Yes, all My Private Scheme members have access to Bleeper’s public bikes. They will be charged €1 an hour for a public bike.     A Bleeper user can see both private and public bikes on the one map within the Bleeper app.

What Customer Support do you offer on the Private Scheme?

We offer a range of customer services including - Infographic User Guides, - Marketing Assistance, - Dedicated Corporate Webpage, - In-House Demonstration, - Customer support phone and email.

What is the cost of renting a Private Scheme bike?

A standard bike is €98 a month (&VAT). An electric bike is €148 (&VAT) a month. Minimum 5 bikes per a 12 month contract.

Are Private Scheme bikes insured?

Yes, all private scheme bikes are insured, just like our public bikes. We offer both Public and Product liability on all our Private Scheme bikes.

What are the benefits of a Private Scheme?

There are plenty of benefits when you launch a My Private Scheme such as saving money and time, no parking or traffic congestion,improve health and morale, and help the city become carbon neutral by 2050

Terms and Conditions

What hours are Bleeper available from?

The service is accessible twelve months a year, seven days a week, 24 hours a day, without interruption, except in cases of force majeure, operational reasons or a change in law affecting the service.

What happens if I damage or lose a Bleeper?

Bleeper is a community so we really hope all our users take care, however the fee for damage, theft, or willful vandalism of a Bleeper is €500.
More details can be found in our terms & conditions.

Can I take my Bleeper outside the originating town or city?

Yes you may but you must, on the same day, return the Bleeper to a recognised public bike parking rack within our operating zone as indicated on our map. Any users who leave a bike outside our operating zone will receive a fine.

Will I be charged if I have locked the Bleeper correctly, however it gets stolen or vandalised?

No, we have technology to track the locations of all our locked Bleepers. So long as you've parked your Bleeper in a public, legal location, and you have locked the Bleeper correctly, you can rest easy.