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How does it work?

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ESB eBikes are pedal-assist electric bicycles, available for public hire

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The ESB eBikes operated by Bleeper can be accessed via the Bleeper smartphone app

Access to bikes within 24 hours

ESB eBikes are available to hire on a per day basis

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Hire fees: €1 Unlock Fee + €0.15 per minute, €10 for a daily pass, or €3/day if you buy a €15 monthly subscription

Bleeper parking location
ESB eBikes must be returned to their original docking station by midnight

Getting Started

Download the Bleeper App from the App Store or Google Play

Apple app store.Google play store.

ESB eBikes can be accessed via the Bleeper App.

Follow the steps 1 – 5 in our interactive display.
Once you have registered an account, selected the ESB eBikes tab, and purchased a Pass, you will be able to use the ESB eBikes.

Where to find ESB eBikes?

Bleeper operates nine ESB eBikes stations:
- Two in Dublin City Council
- Five in Fingal County Council
- Two South Dublin County Council.

You can locate all of our ESB eBike stations on the map in the Bleeper app

Make sure you have selected the 'ESB eBikes' tab in the map.

Reserving an eBike

Orange tick

Select the 'ESB eBikes' tab in the Bleeper App.

Orange tick

Select a station on the map.

Orange tick

Schedule the start & finish times of your trip. (Trip must end on the same day it started.)

Orange tick

After selecting your times, tap 'Reserve Vehicle'.

Orange tick

Your ESB eBike is now waiting for you!

Unlocking ESB eBikes

Orange tick

Tap 'Unlock Vehicle' in the Bleeper app

Orange tick

The docking station releases the ESB eBike

Orange tick

A couple of seconds later, the wheel lock on
your ESB eBike releases

Orange tick

Once both locks are released you may remove
your ESB eBike from the station

Watch our Video

What to do if the station didn't unlock:

How to lock and pause a trip

How to finish your trip

Frequently asked questions

Check most frequently asked questions here. If you still need help, then contact us directly at

What happens if I don't return my ESB eBike by midnight?

It will turn into a pumpkin.

But seriously, you will receive a penalty fine of €20 if you don't return your ESB eBike by midnight.

Do I need a smartphone to use the service?

Yes, you will need a smartphone and network coverage (3G minimum) to unlock or lock an ESB eBike. N.B. Please be aware of this if you are bringing an eBike into an indoor or underground parking area - if you lose network coverage you may not be able to lock or unlock the eBike.

How long does the battery last?

A fully charged battery will last for up to 50 kilometres, depending on variables such as the weather (wind & temperature) and the terrain (hilly vs. flat). Colder weather, headwinds, and cycling up hills will all reduce the range of the battery.

Can I cycle the eBike if the battery is empty?

Yes, the eBike can be cycled if the battery is empty but the additional weight of the eBike compared to a regular pedal bike is considerable.

How fast can my ESB eBike go?

The electric motor on your ESB eBike will only provide assistance up to 25kph. Once you reach 25kph the motor will cut out and you will be cycling under your own power. When your speed drops below 25kph the electric motor will automatically start again and will start to provide pedal assistance.

Do I have to pedal or will the electric motor propel me on its own?

The electric motor will not work unless you are pedalling. ESB eBikes are "pedal assist" bikes, meaning the electric motor only provides assistance to your pedal power.

Can I carry a passenger on my ESB eBike?

No. ESB eBikes are strictly for the use of one person at a time. Carrying passengers is a breach of the terms & conditions of use.

How do I charge my ESB eBike?

You do not need to worry about charging your ESB eBike. It charges automatically at its docking station.

Can I hire an ESB eBike for shorter than a day?

ESB eBikes are only available for hire on daily rates. You can return the ESB eBike to its docking station any time before midnight, but you will still be charged for a full day.

How much does it cost to hire an ESB eBike?

There are multiple options for hiring an ESB eBike: Pay As You Go, a Daily Pass and a Monthly Pass.

Pay As You Go: €1 Unlock Fee + €0.15 per minute until your trip ends.

The Daily Pass costs €10 to hire an ESB eBike for one day.

The Monthly Pass costs €15, and this reduces the daily cost of hiring an ESB eBike to €3 per day.

How do I buy a Pass for hiring an ESB eBike?

Open the menu in the Bleeper app and select Wallet.

In the next menu select Buy a pass.

Choose a Daily or Monthly ESB eBikes Pass.