Why is an E-cargobike good for my business?

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Faster deliveries: Bikes can manouvre around the streets easier than cars during peak hours and can take shorter routes than a car/van
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Bike riders do not have to worry about looking for a parking spot which can be incredibly difficult in busy cities
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Riders don't need a driver's license (younger people are less likely to have a driver's license these days)
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Riders will be healthier and happier = more productive
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Better for the environment than a van/car and shows the business values the environment
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How to get involved

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The first stage of this pilot is restricted to businesses with a premises in the Dublin City Council area. Even if you do not meet this criteria, please feel free to complete the sign up form below so that we can contact you with details for alternative ways of trying an e-cargobike.
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There will be a monthly charge of just €100 to participate in the Pilot, throughout the Pilot you will have exclusive use of a brand new electric cargobike (e-cargobike).
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This subsidised pilot has been made possible thanks to the support of Dublin City Council.
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You will have the option of getting your own bespoke branded decal on the bike, free of charge.
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The pilot will commence in September 2021 and will last for 6 months. Once your trial is over, we'll produce a free report that will show you how you utilised the bike and how much money and emissions your business could save by switching to an e-cargobike permanently. Please complete the sign up form below to get involved.
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Businesses will be selected for participation on the pilot scheme based on an assessment of their eligibility and closest fit with the pilot objectives.  Selection will not be on the basis of first come, first served.  It is proposed that up to 20 businesses will be selected to participate in the pilot e-cargobike scheme, but the final numbers will depend on demand, available resources and satisfying the pilot objectives.
Transport graph for different modes of transport

Pilot objectives

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Introduce more businesses in the Dublin City Council area to an alternative mode for mobility and last-mile deliveries that is both good for the environment and their health and wellbeing
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Demonstrate and promote the shift from using cars and vans as default modes to more climate-friendly forms of transport, such as an e-cargobike, that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, are more energy efficient and which lead to other benefits, like reduced air pollution
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Enable research and provide data on the use and future potential of e-cargobikes for logistics and deliveries in terms of the environmental and economic impact
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Provide a low-risk and low-cost means for businesses to try out e-cargobikes, over a trial period, without having to commit to the purchase of an e-cargobike
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To better understand the challenges and opportunities for businesses in using alternatives to cars and vans for logistics and making deliveries
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To align with the objectives of Dublin City Council's Climate Action Plan and the Dublin City Development Plan
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To normalise cargobikes as an everyday mode of transport in Dublin, both for businesses and individuals.
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If you have any further questions about this Pilot please phone (01) 437 0930
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If you'd like to apply to participate in this scheme, please complete the sign-up form below
Am I eligible to participate?

1) Participants must be a business with a premises or base located within functional area of Dublin City Council;
2) Participant businesses must be able to use the e-cargobike for business purposes throughout the Pilot.

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Just a few details.

Please fill in the details below so that we can get in contact with you.

Please enter your name
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Business website (if you have one)
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Business eircode
Nature of business
Number of outlets
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Why should your business be considered for the e-cargobike trial?
Please state any additional reasons why we should consider your business for this subsidised trial.
(NB - Each application will be reviewed and the 20 most suitable participants will be offered a place in the Pilot.)

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Pilot Information Gathering

I agree to participate in monitoring and evaluation, including geo-tracking, completing feedback surveys and any other form of information gathering that may increase the information contribution of this pilot. Finally, I understand the e-cargobikes are meant for carrying goods only and are not intended for passengers. 

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Confirm Submission.

Thanks for taking the time to complete this form. Please enter your email below and we will be in contact within 24 hours.

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