What is a Bike Library?

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Bike Library is a bike sharing scheme for families to promote a shift towards sustainable transport.
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Think of it like a traditional book library where, instead of books, families can borrow different types of bikes, ebikes and cargo bikes for a long period of time.


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Cycling instead of driving helps to reduce traffic emissions and creates heathier and more liveable local communities.
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Active travel increases health and wellbeing and contributes to the local environment.
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Helps communities to connect with their neighbourhoods.
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Saves families money on commuting

How to Get Involved

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Fill out the form below to apply to participate in your local bike library.
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Participants will be contacted when a Bike Library has been created for their local community.

Other Initiatives

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Climate Action education for kids
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Cycle buses to increase safety
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Cycle Training for parents
Am I eligible to participate?

1) Participants must be a business with a premises or base located within functional area of DLRCC;
2) Participants must also have their own, or be able to access, secure parking location for the eCargo bike;
3) Participant businesses must be able to use the eCargo bike for business purposes throughout the Pilot.

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Just a few details.

Please fill in the details below so that we can get in contact with you.

Please enter your name
Please enter a phone number
Business website (if you have one)
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and a few more
Business eircode
Nature of business
Number of outlets
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Using an eCargo bike for your deliveries or logistics
How many deliveries are made daily?
How many of these are in range of an eBike?
How many of these could be made using an eBike given that the practical range is 5-7Km and the volume of the cargo hold is .25m3. (note max weight is 60kg in the load area). Please check full bike spec here.
If you need a vehicle to carry tools or materials as part of your business, could you use an eCargo bike to carry them instead?
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Using an eCargo bike for your deliveries or logistics
Please state additional reasons why we should consider your business for this subsidised trial. Note that usage will be monitored and should we feel the bike is being underused we reserve the right to terminate the trail with a business.
(NB - Each application will be reviewed and the 20 most suitable participants will be offered a place in the Pilot.)

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Sustainable Transport

Please tell us a little about what you think about sustainable transport and why it is important for your business

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Pilot Information Gathering

I agree to participate in monitoring and evaluation, including geo-tracking, completing feedback surveys and any other form of information gathering that may increase the information contribution of this pilot. Finally, I understand the cargo bikes are meant for carrying goods only and are not intended for passengers. 

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Confirm Submission.

Thanks for taking the time to complete this form. Please enter your email below and we will be in contact within 24 hours.

Please enter your e-mail
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Thanks! We have received your form submission, We will get back to you shortly!
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